Real Time Analytics


An exact diagnosis is the decisive factor for the choice of therapy and thus in the end for the success of treatment.

An experienced physician and surgeon can often limit or even ensure correct diagnosis after a first conversation and examination of the patient. But particularly for traumatic diseases it is most important to detect or exclude concomitant injuries at an early stage.

Thanks to large diagnostic appliances of the latest generation, our orthopedists can always use optimal technologies for precise diagnosis. Besides a digital x-ray machine we are also equipped with an innovative and patient-friendly MRI and CT system.

Independent of their source of development, digital images of all devices can, in due consideration of data protection, be retrieved at every treatment room and operation theatre by means of state-of-the-art display screens.

The concept of the ARCUS clinics and practices enables quick information exchange between the different specialized units: orthopedic- and accident surgery, radiology, cardiology, angiography, nuclear medicine and vascular surgery (with regard to data processing requirements of course). This ensures interdisciplinary treatment of our patients.

Magentom Avanto
Magentom Avanto
Source: Siemens