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ARCUS Sports Clinik - a Portrait

The ARCUS Clinics comprise a private clinic with 90 beds which was opened in 1995, and a clinic also approved by the statutory health insurance system with 50 beds. The new clinic complex was opened up in 2006. Here, 9 operating theatres equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and over 41 beds in the ward station and the intensive care unit are available.

The privately insured patient which can chose individual surgical treatment within the private clinic is offered a specialized unit with first class hotel comfort – an excellent overall service.

The statutorily insured patient is, although statutory health insurance companies do only pay for “basic primary health care”, still provided a high-level clinic standard i.e. a standard on far above-average level compared to most other clinics.

Competence Center

In the ARCUS Clinics up to 11.000 patients are operated each year – with increasing tendency. Main focuses are on sports traumatology, knee-, hip-, shoulder-, elbow-, orthopedic-, and accident surgery, endoprosthetics and in the private clinic also on spinal surgery. External cooperating surgeons additionally cover vascular- and neurosurgery and an experienced team of anesthetists offers besides intra-operative control also post-operative pain therapy for in-patients. In cases of cardiologic problems during and after surgery we can refer to our cardiology section and state-of-the-art technical equipment.
In the adjoining orthopedic joint practice patients can get out-patient treatment. This enables us to constantly control and optimize our own operation- and aftercare results what already proved successful e.g. rehabilitation periods of our patients could demonstrably be shortened.
Special importance since many years has treatment of top athletes in the conservative and surgical area. As medical partner of the “Deutsche Sporthilfe” we offer a 24-hour acute service for sponsored top athletes. This comprises best diagnostics, operative treatment if necessary and a comprehensive rehabilitation program to accelerate recovery and support the athlete to regain physical fitness as soon as possible.
Our medical range of services is completed by cooperating partners in therapy, rehabilitation, prevention and orthopedic technology.
Perfect interdisciplinary collaboration of surgeons of different areas, physiotherapists and orthopedic technicians form the basis for an optimal and focused patient care both in the in- and the out-patient sector.


The leading physicians of the ARCUS Clinics are members of all important national and international professional associations and regularly work for them as referees. Moreover, the ARCUS Sports Clinic cooperates with the association for science and further education in orthopedics. Together they regularly organize training programs for physicians and physiotherapists which are acknowledged as such by the Ärztekammer Nordbaden.