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Operative Spectrum

The ARCUS Sports Clinic is one of the most modern orthopedic- and accident surgery centers throughout Germany.

In the ARCUS Clinics, more than 11.000 surgical procedures are carried out each year:

  • approx. 4.000 arthroscopic knee joint operations
    (thereof 1.300 ACL reconstruction operations)
  • 1.500 knee joint endoprostheses
  • 1.000 hip joint endoprostheses
  • 300 hip arthroscopies
  • 1.850 shoulder operations
  • 700 elbow surgeries

The outstanding medical quality of the ARCUS Sports Clinic is the result of consequent specialization and many years of experience. The permanent engagement of our surgeons in international scientific exchange ensures the above-average therapy results. These are achieved by routine application of minimally invasive and gentle operation techniques.


The focus of the ARCUS Sports Clinic comprises the following operative procedures: 

Sports Traumatology
Arthroscopic and open operations of all large joints

  • Arthroscopic cruciate ligament operations
  • Meniscus operations
  • Bone- cartilage transplantations
  • Surgical treatment of patella luxations
  • Stabilization of instable shoulders
  • Ligament- and tendon sutures
  • Arthritis therapy
  • Joint replacement

Elbow- and ankle joint

  • Joint replacement knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle joint
  • Minimally invasive techniques
  • Prosthesis exchange due to loosening
Accident Surgery
  • Treatment of fractures, joint fractures
Neurological and Spinal Surgery
  • Minimally invasive techniques
  • Open surgery (stabilizing techniques)
  • Treatment of fractures
Hip Surgery
  • Arthroscopic hip surgery
  • Minimally invasive surface replacement
  • Total endoprotheses
  • Prosthesis exchange


Vascular Surgery

Pain Therapy

Besides state-of-the-art digital imaging- and data technology, all operation theatres of the ARCUS Clinics are equipped with mobile CTs which enable navigated operation techniques.