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Sulcus-ulnaris Syndrome

This syndrome is a chronic nerve entrapment or nerve irritation within the bone channel at the medial epicondylus.

Symptoms are numbness and tingling of the 4th and 5th finger with radiating electrifying pain from the inner side of the elbow up into the hand. Sometimes, patients also have a clasping feeling over the medial epicondylus. In the advances stage it may also lead to paralysis and weakening of intrinsic hand muscles.

Reasons are often chronic pressure load, elbow arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis or scarring after accidents and operations.

Besides clinical examination, neurological examination with determination of velocity of nerve conduction is used for diagnostics.

In case that conservative therapy with anti-inflammatory treatment, wearing of a resting splint and general care does not bring the expected relieve, operative neurolysis (release of the nerve) should be carried out.